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Volunteer service, the responsibility of the members of the financial service group - the 6th Ganjiang Financial High-end Forum
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"Volunteer when you have time, and find volunteers when you have questions." Where there are activities and needs, there must be volunteers. In order to ensure the smooth holding of the 6th Ganjiang Financial High-end Forum, a total of nearly 50 members of the financial service group, including undergraduates and graduate students, served as volunteers of the forum to assist in the preliminary preparation of the forum, the maintenance of order at the venue and the summary of forum materials.

 In the early stage of the forum, according to the work requirements, a total of three groups of volunteers were recruited: the mobile group, the conference group and the publicity group. Among them, the mobile team is mainly responsible for the procurement and handling of materials, and the handling of on-site emergencies; The conference affairs team is responsible for the preparation of meeting materials, meeting sign-in, and maintenance of on-site order; The publicity team is responsible for the writing of relevant news reports and the on-site shorthand of experts' speeches. At the same time, the route for the guests to participate in the conference was planned in advance, and volunteers were arranged at important points to guide the work.

During the preparatory process, Chen Jiayu, the student leader of the forum, convened volunteers to hold a preparatory meeting and made work arrangements from the aspects of relevant material preparation, division of labor and work process. He stressed that as the organizer of the forum, we volunteers must pay attention to the rigor of the process when working, and must be responsible for all kinds of documents, venue layout, equipment commissioning, event agenda, warm-up video and other details, and must do a good job of handover, familiarize themselves with the agenda, and avoid mistakes.

This year's Ganjiang Financial High-end Forum has three main contents: authoritative journal academic salon activities, main forums and academic essay collection activities. Before the start of the event, each group of volunteers will perform their duties and actively carry out relevant preparations with high standards, and every subtlety reflects their work attitude of excellence.

Chen Jiayu, the student leader of the forum, the chairman of the research branch and the head of the financial services group, breathed a sigh of relief after the forum: "The success of the forum is inseparable from the careful deployment of the teachers in the early stage and the coordination and cooperation of the volunteers. From the early stage of the meeting with the leading teachers of the college to discuss the relevant matters of the forum, to the recruitment of volunteers and the specific content of volunteer service to the individual, to the rehearsal before the opening of the forum... It is a great improvement in my ability, I need to take into account a lot of details, and I also need to have certain emergency measures for emergencies, and I would like to thank the teachers for their guidance and help and the volunteers for their tireless work. ”

 The 6th "Ganjiang Financial High-end Forum" is a high-end forum jointly organized by Chinese University, Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics and "Finance and Trade Economics" magazine, the first "Ganjiang Financial High-end Forum" was held in Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics on December 2, 2017, and has been successfully held for five sessions so far, receiving wide attention and praise from all walks of life. The success of this year's Ganjiang Financial High-end Forum is also inseparable from the dedication of the volunteers of the financial service group, which has enhanced everyone's good sense of service and provided a double guarantee of personnel and materials.

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