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The 20th Jiaohu Financial Forum in 2023 was successfully held
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    On the morning of June 12, the 20th Jiaohu Financial Forum 2023 was successfully held in the East Head Lecture Hall on the fourth floor of the School of Finance Professor Guofu Zhou, associate editor of QuantitativeAnalysis (2000-present) and Ph.D. in economics from Duke University, was invited to give an academic report entitled Risk Estimation, Predictability and Asset Pricing via MachineLearning for teachers and students of the School of Finance.

First of all, Xiao Jun introduced Zhou Guofu and welcomed and thanked him for coming. Immediately afterwards, Zhou Guofu shared his cutting-edge literature, detailing how to predict the stock market through machine Xi, and how to predict stock returns by combining machine Xi with macroeconomic variables, options, bonds, etc. Among them, Zhou Guofu emphasized the importance of macro prediction of future trends, and it is impossible to predict the stock market without analyzing the trend and only using macro variables themselves. Then Zhou Guofu talked about the concept of risk inertia, the risk itself has inertia, the risk is inertia, and the return is also inertia, generally speaking, the higher the risk, the higher the return.

 Subsequently, the participating teachers and students had in-depth discussions and exchanges with the speakers on the content of the report. For example: What is the difference between risk inertia and risk measurement? Why doesn't price momentum hold in China? What do JFQA magazines look for when they accept articles? Zhou Guofu answered his questions one by one.

 So far, the academic lecture has been successfully concluded. The report shared the latest developments in stock market forecasting in the frontier field of machine learning Xi, and provided in-depth discussions on related concepts such as risk inertia, while also enhancing participants' understanding of related fields. During the lecture, the atmosphere of discussion was very strong, which promoted the academic exchange between teachers and students.

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