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The 25th session of the Jiaohu Financial Forum was successfully held
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On the morning of September 22nd, the 25th Jiaohu Financial Forum, a series of academic lectures on the century old Jiangcai, was successfully held in the second floor lecture hall of the School of Finance. Macroeconomist and PhD in Economics from Purdue University, Chen Daotian, was invited to give an online academic lecture on the "soft landing" of the US economy and the outlook on monetary policy for the School of Finance. The event was hosted by Vice Dean Peng Yudi of the School of Finance, and some teachers and graduate students from the School of Finance attended the lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Vice Dean Peng Yudi, on behalf of the School of Finance, welcomed and thanked Dr. Chen Daotian, and introduced his research field and academic achievements. Dr. Chen Daotian expressed his hope to have in-depth communication and learning with the attending students.

Dr. Chen Daotian first introduced macroeconomic data such as inflation rate, non-farm employment, and unemployment rate in the United States since the outbreak of the pandemic, interpreting the effectiveness of monetary and fiscal policies in recent years from a data perspective; Subsequently, Dr. Chen analyzed the post pandemic economic situation in the United States, as well as the beginning and development process of inflation, from the perspectives of total supply, supply and demand, and inflation. Based on this, he proposed four questions for the Federal Reserve in raising interest rates: first, why did the Federal Reserve raise interest rates too late and have a hesitant attitude; Secondly, what is the risk of a hard landing in the economy; Thirdly, where will the next step of US monetary policy be; Fourthly, how to view the performance of major asset classes in the future.

Dr. Chen Daotian believes that the possibility of a soft landing for the US economy is very high, based on factors such as smooth consumption promoting a soft landing, changes in investment structure, increasing output and proportion of the US economy's service industry, and a strong supply environment.

Finally, the speaker had an exchange and discussion with the attending teachers and students. The attending teachers and speakers actively discussed issues such as the United States' unfair competition policy towards China's chip industry, how to view China's current monetary policy, and how the history of US monetary policy since the epidemic has inspired the formulation and implementation of China's monetary policy.

​At this point, the academic lecture has come to a successful conclusion. Dr. Chen Daotian started with the economic data and inflation background of the United States, and used the actions of the Federal Reserve on interest rate hikes as a starting point, combined with the current situation, to prospect the economic prospects and monetary policy of the United States, enhancing the understanding of relevant fields among attendees. The discussion atmosphere during the lecture was extremely strong, promoting academic exchanges between teachers and students.

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