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The 34th session of the Jiaohu Financial Forum was successfully held
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On the morning of November 20th, the 34th session of the Centennial Jiangcai Series Academic Lecture Jiaohu Financial Forum was successfully held in the conference room on the second floor of the School of Finance. It included professors, doctoral supervisors, executive vice deans, and undergraduate students from Tsinghua University at the School of Accounting, Singapore Management University Dr. Zhang Liandong from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore was invited to give an academic lecture titled "How Labor Market Competition Shapes Workplace Information on Social Media: Evidence from Glassdoor Reviews". The lecture is hosted by Professor Wang Hongjian from the School of Finance, with some teachers and graduate students from the School of Finance attending.

At the beginning of the lecture, Wang Hongjian, on behalf of the School of Finance, welcomed and thanked Professor Zhang Liandong for his arrival, and introduced his research field and academic achievements. Professor Zhang Liandong expressed his gratitude for the invitation from the School of Finance, and he looks forward to in-depth communication and learning with the teachers and classmates on site.

Professor Zhang Liandong first starts with the "greenwashing" behavior of company information on social media, and introduces how labor market competition affects company evaluation on social media. Subsequently, he provided a detailed introduction to the research process from the aspects of data sources, data processing, indicator selection, and model construction. In this process, he analyzed in detail how to measure labor market competition, and pointed out that using only positive evaluation information may not reflect the actual situation, and proposed corresponding measurement indicators and processing methods. Finally, he further concluded that when labor market competition intensifies, there is less information available for positive evaluations.

​After the lecture, we entered the communication and discussion section, where some teachers and students discussed the measurement of indicators, data processing, and research background of the study. Professor Zhang Liandong responded one by one based on his own research. At this point, the academic lecture has come to a successful conclusion, and the atmosphere of discussion during the lecture was extremely strong, promoting academic exchanges between teachers and students.

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